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Dim Sum

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Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese meal consisting of small bite-sized dishes served in bamboo steamer baskets, often accompanied by hot tea. Typically enjoyed during breakfast and brunch, the menu offers a variety of steamed and fried options, steamed bun, porridge, noodles, and more.

In Malaysia, Dim Sum has evolved into an all-day affair, and there is a wide range of halal and Muslim-friendly self-steamed frozen Dim Sum products available. While it may seem easy to snap a photo of a plate of Dim Sum, professional photos are significantly different from amateur ones.

At Foodsnapx, we understand the nuances of working with Dim Sum products, something that most people have no idea about. We have a team of professional food photographers, food stylists, and props stylists who can create appetizing images that convey the beauty of the food. By finding the most favorable angle, lighting, and skillfully balancing elements in the frame, we can help you create stunning photos that can be used for menus, social media, and packaging.

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